I Broke It

Yesterday wasn’t the greatest. I was feeling pretty low. I should’ve known it was gonna be a rough day when started my morning off by spilling coffee all over my bedspread… that I had just bought the evening prior. Very first morning of waking up with a new bedspread is the day I spill coffee everywhere. Great. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

Luckily I was able to get it out, so the new bedspread is unscathed (for now), but my day got progressively worse very quickly because I broke my camera.

That sentence has a lot of weight in it for any camera owners. I’m sure you understand the price of good cameras so therefore they become like a darling little baby that you protect with your life. This one wasn’t too horrifically expensive, but living on a high schooler’s income, let’s just say it required a sufficient amount of funds.

I was in my room messing with my camera. I have only had it for a few months, so I haven’t actually tried out a lot of it’s features yet. So I decided to test out some of the other settings on it. I moved over towards my window to take a few more photos to see how different settings would affect the lighting, and I, being the genius I am, decided to prop it up on my dresser.

It almost immediately wobbled and flew off the shelf and slammed with a loud and unsettling “thud” against the metal corner of my record player that sits on a small stool below the shelf.

The lens of my small, but very adequately equipped point-and-shoot camera was extended and that was what faced the impact of my record player. Now the lens didn’t shatter or anything like that, but it hit just hard enough for the gears within the lens (the gears  that allow it to pop in and out of the camera) got off just enough so that it could no longer close up back inside the camera.

My immediate reaction was to try and shut it off, and that was when the unfortunate reality set in. I heard this sad, grinding of the gears in my lens and the rapid beeping of my camera and then this dreaded “lens error” popped up on my screen. I turned my camera back on to see if I could still take photos with it, even with the locked in lens, but my camera couldn’t focus. The lens was so off center the border could be seen like a finger in the corner of the frame.

I was devastated. This may not be the nicest, most high-tech camera, but this was my first major investment all on my own, and my first camera that ever belonged, without-a-doubt, to me, and I broke it.

I think what I found most devastating about this whole thing was in the few months I’ve had this camera, I have gone many places with it and traveled out of state. I took it with me to two separate beach vacations and never once dropped it in the sand or water. I even walked out along a pier and took photos without dropping it in the water. My camera had also been to two separate concerts and been surrounded by crowds of people jumping up and down and had returned home without any injury.

BUT YET SOMEHOW, I managed to drop it and destroy the lens in the safety of my own home. I was beyond frustrated with myself, and part of me still is.

My first major investment all on my own was brought to its end in a freak accident in my room. I had to take it to the store and with my warranty, receive a new camera. I was a little heartbroken to say the least. I know some people will understand the sentimental attachment to a camera, but some won’t. I can’t explain it, but it meant a lot to me and now it’s gone, and it’s replacement is on it’s way to me in the mail.

It may seem silly, but I think I just would’ve liked to say my first camera ended his career in well-deserved retirement, stepping down for the the next model to take his place, instead of an unfortunate end created by a career-ending forceful impact with a poorly placed record player.

I guess I’m most annoyed simply because I felt like this was coming. Call it superstition, but the night before at the store, I stared at a small tripod for a solid five minutes trying to decide if I should buy it or not, and I decided against it. Instead I bought the bedspread that had a chance encounter with my cup of coffee the next morning. Then, it couldn’t have been more than an hour later, I tried to prop my camera up on something stupid as I normally do, but that very same day my camera took a dive off a dresser. Was it the universe trying to tell me I should’ve bought the tripod? Quite possibly, and I’m leaning towards that assumption, but we will never know for sure.

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