Welcome to My World

Here is a lifestyle blog, written and managed by a girl who finds joy in writing and taking photos of the world around her. She’s a quiet girl with big ideas who wants to prove to herself, and the world, that she can write things that reach people, she can be creative, and she can do all the things the world tells her she can’t. The world is full of people telling us what we can’t do, so I like to prove them all wrong by saying “Look She Can.”


My goal here is that there is a little something for everyone.

The creatives, the go-getters, the shy folks, the soul seekers, the people looking for happiness in all the wrong places, the people who want to read something different, who want to be entertained, and who want to become truer to themselves.

Welcome to a place of positivity, encouragement, support, entertainment, and realness.

All brought to you by, yours truly. I am a painfully quiet and introverted girl with a brain that speaks louder than her own voice. She has also finally taken it upon herself to quit her job as everyone’s personal doormat.

My hope is that you find what I write here, moving, humorous, different, entertaining, uplifting, or, if you feel so inclined to call it, inspiring.

Life isn’t perfect, and that’s okay because we are all human. If we all stick together, this ever-changing, hectic, beautiful, crazy, roller-coaster of a world we live in really doesn’t seem so bad.

So sit down, relax, get yourself a coffee, and stay tuned for the future.

It’s about to get interesting.